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Handheld/PDA Programming

Using available technology as a tool, not a purpose in itself, applies to the Handheld more than anything else does. At ReQuest we have used the Handheld technology in those situations where its operation adds value or it adds value to collect the data in the field, optimizing existing business processes.

ReQuest developed a genetic mating program that exemplifies how the Handheld can optimize existing business processes by adding value in its operation as well as adding value by providing in the field data collection. With its intuitive programming, ReQuest and its partner have leveraged their broad Agri-Food related experience to program and support the PalmOS Handheld to provide the following advantages:

  • Seamless synchronization: it is not difficult to synchronize with a desk or laptop unit. The synchronization is seamless and stable, limiting the risk of data loss and making the data more frequently available.

  • Snap-On modules: the PalmOS Handhelds are known for their wide range of snap-on modules such as GPS, GMS, Barcode scanners, data loggers etc. ReQuest has experience and knowledge on interfacing with several of these modules.

  • User-friendly interfaces: for the Handheld to be successful, the interface needs to be intuitive. Only then can the introduction of a Handheld be truly successful. In theory every user sees the advantage of working with the Handheld; in practicality however user acceptance of the technology differs a lot. Together with its partner ReQuest has experience in successfully developing and introducing Handheld applications for a broad user group.

  • Faster data processing: collecting the data is one thing; however interfacing with various data sources using new technologies is another. At ReQuest we have experience and knowledge in transferring data from the mainframe to the handheld (in the field) and back, using only GSM and infrared communication. Having this procedure be seamless and integrated ensures high quality data processing, reducing errors and improving speed.

Use of the handheld also adds value by:

  • Providing more information in the field: With new technologies such as GPRS it is even possible to have a continuous connection to the mainframe to upload and download data on an as needed basis.

  • Data validation in the field: ReQuest can program the data entry so that more of the data validation takes place in the field instead of on the mainframe.

  • Report generation in the field: This makes it possible to better service your clients by providing them with direct feedback on the data collected.