Products and Services


ReQuest provides various consulting services based upon its knowledge and network. Our staff has knowledge in the field of Quality Assurance, Animal Health, Bovine Genetics, International Marketing and Communications/Public Relations. This gives ReQuest extensive knowledge about the animal protein value chain, allowing us to service national and international clients. With its knowledge base, ReQuest has done various consulting activities for private companies, government agencies and trade associations. Here are some examples that illustrate our services and knowledge.

  • Process Analysis: as part of a Quality Assurance program or a stand-alone project to analyze processing, packaging, warehousing and logistics.

    • Labor Productivity and Cost for 35 Fluid Milk Plants throughout the United States.
    • The Magnitude of and Factors Influencing Product Losses in 141 Fluid Milk Plants in the United States.

  • Market Analysis: as part of the investment process, export strategy research has been done in the Agri-Food sector. This work has been conducted by ReQuest staff and/or as joint efforts with ReQuest partners that have a specific knowledge base and are utilized on an as-needed basis.

  • Feasibility Study: as part of internationalization process, feasibility studies for the US and European markets have been performed. These were focused at organizations setting up sales and production subsidiaries in the Agri-Food sector.

  • Discovery trips: due to its extensive international network and entrepreneurial drive, ReQuest has facilitated several discovery trips to stimulate knowledge transfer and to look for partnerships. These trips have covered specific fields of expertise in the Agri-Food sector and have been organized for public and private entities.