A Pioneer in Agri-Food Improvement Technologies

ReQuest, Ltd, is a worldwide organization that provides solutions to the Agri-Food industry primarily through web and computer-based applications. We provide our clients with quality business solutions in the areas of data collection, analysis and information technology interfaces that add value or reduce transaction costs. Knowledge and then technology drive these business solutions.

Technology is viewed as a tool, not a purpose in itself at ReQuest. Knowledge of the product, process or market are key when it comes to delivering quality business solutions. Based on our training and experience we can analyze the problem and have the technology work for you. It is the people and the knowledge that make the difference, not the technology in itself. This knowledge is present within the staff of ReQuest and from our broad network. In situations where ReQuest works on multi-disciplinary tasks, we work as the general contractor and take the responsibility for the project management. In the field of project management ReQuest operates according to the ARTS-principle: Action, Responsibility, Tactics and Schedule. This gives you, the client, one point of contact with clear goods and deliverables defined throughout the process. ReQuest then takes the responsibility to deliver these goods and deliverables on time and on budget.