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Mating Program
Mating Program
Mating Program
Mating Program
ReQuest's Mating Program is a powerful tool on the farm and in the office. Using current genetic data and algorithms, herds of all sizes can be accurately mated for optimal results. As a producer, you will realize increased production; as an AI representative, you will aid your clients in selecting the best genetic material for their needs.

These programs are developed in a manner that allows for great flexibility with features and functionality giving clients many options to select from when building a customized solution. The mating algorithm is built using ReQuest's vast industry knowledge, experience, and data sources. This ensures that the algorithm is technically sound resulting in accurate and beneficial mating solutions. The program can be run on a mainframe or laptop environment.

We at ReQuest are of the opinion that mating programs needs serve 2 purposes:
  1. Be genetically correct thus breeding towards uniformity and consistency. Therefore a program like this can be used for dairy farming practices, but also is usable for the beef, pork and various other industries. In the beef industry a mating program can mate towards a certain quality of beef and type of animal. In both instances there is a financial advantage in using this application.

  2. Function as a sales enhancement tool in order to be a viable investment. Providing an extra service to existing and potential clients has its value and needs to be positioned as such. Furthermore investments in applications like this can only take place if they generate new sales or improve customer loyalty. ReQuest has knowledge and experience on how to keep track of this kind of information and how to position an application for it to realize its goal.
The latest mating program ReQuest developed is a laptop application, using PalmOS handheld for data collection and leaving the mating recommendations on the farm. This mating program is at this point the most advanced and technically correct program available in the global dairy cattle breeding industry.

Avoidance for inbreeding and genetic defects, calculating genetic Standard Deviations and optimizing bull allocation on a laptop application, with leave-behind breeding recommendations and management reports on farm makes this program unique and powerful. Looking at the functionality it is a mainframe application, running successfully on a laptop environment.

The program comprises various modules that can be used in a mating program, whether that is PC or mainframe based. The modules ReQuest offers stand-alone or bundled for customization:
  1. Sire Selection
  2. Handheld data collection
  3. Mating Algorithm
  4. Inbreeding
  5. Genetic Defects