Client Base

Retail level:

ReQuest has identified and partners with leading organizations in the field of product traceability. An example where ReQuest has identified a European partner is in the Beef Industry.  ReQuest has access to the first vertically integrated veal tractability program.  Currently used in several European countries, this unique program provides track and trace information throughout the complete food value chain, from conception to consumption.  The program offers the required information to all entities in the value chain from Farmer to Consumer.  Each can view the specific information that is of relevance in their decision making process.  The Program includes information on health history, feeding, housing, and origin and allows for production source verification at the retail level.

ReQuest has assisted retailers with their presence on the Internet.  Besides the visual presentation we also provide counsel in the positioning and communication towards the end-user.  These efforts have resulted in individual company presentations for the B2C (Business to Consumer) market as well as portal sites for the B2B (Business to Business) market.  Our aim is to provide solutions specific to the needs of the client utilizing the maximum potential of the Internet.